Hustonville Volunteer Fire Department

The Crew

The Hustonville Fire Departments mission is to help protect the public in emergency situations. They respond to a wide variety of calls, such as car crashes, chemical spills, flooding, water rescue and general rescue as well as fires.

As a proud combination department, our volunteer and career fire fighters and first responders work seamlessly together to provide the highest caliber of fire services available for Hustonville and Lincoln County Kentucky.

The City of Hustonville's fire crew is trained as first responders and provides first aid until the arrival of ambulance personnel.  In addition to attending emergency call outs, rescuing people and animals from life-threatening situations, the job entails:

  • using sophisticated firefighting and rescue equipment;

  • promoting fire safety via talks, advice and training sessions;

  • inspecting and enforcing safety standards in commercial and residential properties;

  • demonstrating the use of firefighting equipment;

  • performing practice drills working with police and ambulance service personnel

  • undertaking physical and academic training; and

  • checking and maintaining vehicles, equipment, hydrants and water supplies.

Fire Chief: Jimmy Lane 

Assistant Fire Chief: Jared Elam

If you have any questions about our department or the services we provide, please feel free to contact Jimmy Lane at 606.669.1699.  Located at 9860 W. Main St., Hustonville, KY 40437



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